Ardh means ‘half’ and ‘plough’ means plow to plow the field. body in this posture
The position of the plowing becomes like the crescent shape of the Indian plow.
That is why it was named Halasan.

practice method

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Lie on your back, both hands
place palms beside the body
be on the ground.
while inhaling without bending the knees
slowly raise both your legs
And make a 90 degree angle with the ground.
In this state, the position of the shoulder will be pulled from the buttocks.
Stay in this position for 10-30 seconds while breathing normally.
Slowly bring your feet back to the ground from the 90-degree position.
Keep in mind that in the return position, the head does not rise above the ground.
While exhaling without lifting the head, slowly lower both the feet to the ground.
Bring it on
Rest in shavasana.

the profit

This asana relieves indigestion and constipation.
This asana gets rid of diabetes and piles problems.
helpful in.
This asana is very beneficial for people suffering from deep stress, but
They should do this asana very carefully under the supervision of a yoga expert.
should do.


Support of both legs to persons suffering from lower back pain
This asana should not be done.
People suffering from abdominal wound, hernia etc. should not do this asana.
should do.

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