The word Shashak means rabbit.  Since the shape of the body in the practice of this asana
It is made likShashakasanae a rabbit, hence it is called Shashakasana.

The Profit

The practice of Shashakasana is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety etc.
It relieves from genitourinary diseases and constipation and helps in digestion.
Helpful in getting rid of related ailments and back pain.

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This relax out body and mind, soul…

Practice Method

First of all, one should sit in Vajrasana.
Spread the knees of both the feet away from each other.
Sit in such a way that the toes meet each other.
place both the palms on the ground between the knees
Keep it on
breathing hands
take it up
Go, exhale and bend forward.
Leaning forward, keep the chin on the ground.
Keep both the arms parallel.
general yoga practice
Look forward and maintain this position.
While inhaling, come upwards.
While exhaling, bring the hands down.
Leave Vajrasana and come to Dandasana and then rest.


This exercise should not be done in severe back pain.
People suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee
Vajrasana should be avoided.

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